Tablet Choker
Tablet Choker Model

YCL Jewels Tablet Choker

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Lioness Necklace
Lioness Necklace Model

YCL Jewels Lioness Necklace

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Lioness Earrings
Lioness Earrings Model

YCL Jewels Lioness Earrings

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La Loba Necklace
La Loba Necklace Detail

YCL Jewels La Loba Necklace

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il Sole Earrings

YCL Jewels iL Sole Earrings

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Harmony Necklace
Harmony Necklace Model

YCL Jewels Harmony Necklace

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Glacier Necklace
Glacier Necklace Model

YCL Jewels Glacier Necklace

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