Lovechild Unspoken


We want to talk about what an important influence @beyonce is with her 22 day meal delivery service and now publicly speaking about the benefits of eating plant based foods 

After fans were anticipating unknown 'big' news from Beyonce.. possibly music or tour related.. she spoke confidently, openly and honestly about how adopting a #vegan life style has contributed to her stable weight loss, energy levels and tight clear skin.... 

For those who have not yet heard about the @22daysnutrition delivery plan, it is a collaboration with Beyonce and trainer/nutritionist Marco Borges to help people break bad food habits with in a 22 day cycle. 

Beyonce making reference to the fact, that if she as a heavily influenced American foodie can make the change.. any one can. 

We know there has been mixed thoughts and feelings from people as to her 'claiming' a vegan life style and still wearing animal materials and from her fans for making such a 'statement' for something so 'unimportant' like her diet. 

BUUUTTTT....  We really want people to see the POSITIVE in all of this. An individual figure that is one of the most followed people in the world... under a lot of pressure and areas of control to be perceived a certain way, has chosen to take an individual stance to stand up for change that helps minimise the suffering of farmed animals, in turn minimising wild scale environmental trauma currently a huge problem in the US & AUS and also share what personal health and physical appearance benefits have come from ditching meat and dairy. 

Knowing how many people would protest sharing such a debatable issue she did it any way. Which means there are now a decent few hundred thousand people out there talking about that 'vegan life style' 


To help the movement we need to encourage influential figures being at the head of change  #LClovechild #Beyonce #22daysnutrition #veganshare