Lovechild Unspoken

LOVECHILD boutique take fashions to SYDNEY RUNWAY

Curating designer brands from iconic cities like LA and New York, LOVECHILD are a committed and passionate cruelty free fashion supplier. This year they will be showing the best of their range at the Sydney Cruelty Free 2014 Fashion Show!

We talked to Abbey Jones the creative mind behind LOVECHILD .

CFF: What is the inspiration and philosophy behind LOVECHILD?

Abbey: My inspiration behind LOVECHILD has been to channel a passion to grow my company into a world leading online fashion business, that stays at the fore front of international evolving style, so society can comfortably make the shift to purchasing high quality and appealing products that don’t come from the cruelty of any animal. I became inspired by the shift in my own thinking to live compassionately, to create and bring to life a vision that will be responsible for current and on going future change, that supports the protection and freedom of all animals.

As an online fashion house and influential business I am constantly inspired by the opportunity I have been given through LOVECHILD , to encourage more independent thinking in our younger and current generations, regarding the unnecessary harm that animals endure for fashion and the direct effect this industry places on our environmental systems. Through LOVECHILD I am also able to support three animal charities. Strong inspiration has come from the passionate and talented work of world renowned cruelty free designers and newly emerging forward thinking fashion entrepreneurs, who we work along side with and who are all dedicated in supporting this movement. This is where our philosophy is driven from a dedicated passion, to continue growing our platform to support these designers who in turn support a cruelty free life style.

CFF: How important is it to you that your products are cruelty free?

Abbey: It is an unsettling feeling when we come to the realisation that it is accepted in every day life and within the fashion world, that animals are used as property and have to suffer, when this is unnecessary for our survival and modern day lifestyles. With the demand for animal materials in fashion, you can see that there society does not connect that the material originally comes from an animal. It is very out of sight out of mind. The devastating reality is that all these animals suffer tremendously to be processed into materials, both in Australia and more severely in other importing countries.

After watching an insight screening that high end designer Stella McCartney did with The People for Ethical Treatment of Animals, speaking about cruelty associated with the leather, fur and the wool industries, I knew how important it was to build a fast emerging platform and online fashion destination, where I could source high quality alternatives that were appealing to the underground, bohemian, on trend and street loving styles around the world. The shift of the ‘fashion world’ to using animal free materials is an evolving process that takes time. I think it is important that the inspiration and creativity behind designers and successful and emerging businesses are supported wholly. It is just the conscious change in sourcing materials, where responsibility can be taken that will lead the way in ethical fashion.

CFF: What is your biggest priority and what are you looking forward to most at this year’s Cruelty Free Festival?

Abbey: To give as much support as possible to every one involved! Connect with and get more insight from the other labels/businesses taking part in this years Cruelty Free Festival and to draw brand awareness to the compassionate brands LOVECHILD houses. This year we will be show casing our Las Angeles based designers Bruce Heart, Delikate Rayne, Bella M and Michael Antonio, including some pieces from LOVECHILD’s boutique section. We are in the current stages of an exciting collaboration with Gold Coast plant based/organic restaurant and cocktail bar ‘The Green House Factory’ for a non for profit fashion and food event in early 2015, so we can’t wait to hit the run way in Sydney drawing inspiration for next year’s summer event!