Lovechild Unspoken


LOVECHILD @ GREENHOUSE International cruelty-free fashion and plant based food, animal charity event. Together we were able to raise $2500 for three charities in India, Australia and Canada. This event with Greenhouse Factory not only raised money for animals, it created awarness with in the local community with a talk given by founder of the LOVECHILD Abbey Jones and also saw a strong business realtionship form between LOVECHILD & GREENHOUSE, where they are set to launch an exciting long term venture together with in the next two months. A huge thank you to the beautiful and talented Samatha Smith, visualist, photographer, videographer and beloved babe and friend, who put together this short film of the night... we are currently in the making of a longer length featured video that will air at Greenhouse at a soon to be released date. In the mean time, thank you from the bottom of our hearts to everyone who was apart of this special event that was focused on everything we are about, living a life style that excludes the unnessary use of animals in our society.