Lovechild Unspoken


      THE QUESTION NOW STANDS...why is business and fashion exempt from ethics? We have modern, big hearted and entrepeneurial minded designers such as the OH so adorable and inspiring Leanne Mai Hilgart, bringing kind and affordable high end styles to the run ways of your fashion capitals. We have quality alternatives to animal products in high turn over stores and a lot of emerging socially concious brands, breaking through to the industry with both their talents and passion to create more ethically designed clothing. So why do we still buy leather wool and silk? Why are we exploiting animals and using them for fashion? Well... becuase thats what we have always done. When we are in school, we are told the best quality shoe is an all leather shoe. The warmest and most sort after boot in winter is a wool ugg boot, and the most luxurious fabric for a unique kimono design is silk. We never really question where or how any of these materials are sourced, we just do what the world.. tells us to do. LC as a NEW AGE compassionate on line store that asks ALL the right questions, to help build the dream of creating the worlds largest on line fashion forward VEGAN boutique.   The internet is the NEW AGE of education, opening our eyes to hidden practices of hundred year old industries that dont want us to see the cruel reality of where some fashion comes from. We can no longer turn a blind eye to what others have to sacrafice so that we can create our want for comfort. Vaute Couture, which is spelled for high fashion (haute couture) with a V for vegan, said like VOTE, home to NYC's fashion district, has the aim to push the industry towards the use of more concious fabrics and methods that consider the animals, the earth, and humankind.   Owner and designer featured in the above video Leanne Hilgart developed the first and only winter dress coat, warm enough for a Chicago winter but with no animal ingredients. With over 8 months of fabric research, there high tech dress coats are 100% vegan made of recycled and recycable fabrics. At LOVECHILD we are very inspired by Vaute Couture with the similar business principles they hold, with wanting to create good through every element of the process.