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Vilda magazine faux fur interview with Abbey Jones


Vilda Magazine put the spot light on their favourite vegan influencers. Interviewing LOVECHILD founder Abbey Jones on why she has chosen to go Fur Free and support Vilda's Faux Fake Over campaign. 


Vilda Magazine:  Why have you chosen to go fur free?

Abbey:  By going fur free and promoting the same ethics through LOVECHILD, I am not creating the demand or supporting the notion that animals are ours to wear. There is something really important here that must be understood by different sectors of our society, from political leaders, legal systems, the general public and those who are in the fashion industry. When you put animals who are at our mercy, in the hands of people who view them as nothing more than objects to be processed efficiently to make money, there is no conscious acknowledgement for the animal to feel physical or emotional pain and suffer. We are talking about living, breathing, loving and interactive creatures here, that posses the same awareness of life as your family pet. These animals sleep and wake up as you would, opening their eyes to a world they have just as much will and right to live freely in as we do. The thought that we take that freedom away from them, put them in the hands of people who have no remorse or conscience for inflicting pain, to strip their body painfully of what is rightfully theirs, to improve our economy or enhance fashion, is morally, well…. wrong.  

Footage of fur farming and other procedures for taking animal skin for fashion, is there to be seen, and not scared to be shared on large social media and online plat forms from accredited designers such as Stella Mcartney, who has collaborated with organisations such as PETA (People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals) to show the horrible truth. Leanne Mai Hilgart of Vaute Couture has also been a strong voice bringing to light the importance of leaving all animal materials out of clothing production. As also mentioned by Vilda, house hold high end names such as Prada, Armani and Karl Lagerfield are confidently putting faux furs to the run ways, which in turn means these timeless designers are making world wide influential change towards the cruelty free revolution.    

 The shift of the 'fashion world' to using animal free materials is an evolving process that takes time. I think it is important that the inspiration and creativity behind designers and successful and emerging businesses are supported wholly. It is just the conscious change in sourcing materials, where responsibility can be taken, that will lead the way in cruelty free, faux fur style.